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BurningAngel: Romance Has A New Victim In Her Room Of Horrors

When I started watching this video update on BurningAngel my first reaction was something along the lines of “Oh, c’mon! No more stories about taking strippers home…” but boy, was I wrong. In this shoot, Romance brings Michael Vegas home –literally and figuratively– after a night in the club. Seems pretty innocuous so far, right? Wrong!

As soon as things start getting hot and heavy, we’re introduced to Romance’s room of horrors, where she has all kinds of kinky torture devices and one of my favorite things about the clip: a prisoner. I was turned on by the whole thing and laughing my ass off the whole time as Vegas frees the captive and starts banging Romance simultaneously.

Petite miss Romance is a pleasure to watch, her beautiful tits bouncing around with every move and her face shows how much she’s enjoying being fucked by Michael Vegas. Every angle is fantastic, whether it’s a shot of her pussy from behind or her riding Vegas’s cock, Romance looks absolutely stunning in that mesh shirt –and without it– and her facial expressions are priceless. I may or may not have watched this several times in a row.

BurningAngel: Romance Has A New Victim In Her Room Of Horrors
Burning Angel writes:
Michael Vegas couldn’t believe he got to go home with amazingly hot stripper Romance! But when he entered her bedroom, it looked more like a torture chamber dungeon! Romance also had a prisoner that Michael set free from his cage while she was occupied with ravenously fucking his very erect, but slightly scared cock.</p>
BurningAngel: Romance Has A New Victim In Her Room Of Horrors
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August 2014

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