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EroticFandom: Hot Dungeon Master Zelda

If you’re looking for a fun photo set that includes hot redheads, I’ve got the stuff for you! This update for EroticFandom starring the lovely (and long time APN member) Zelda is exactly what you’re looking for. This is Zelda’s first shoot for the site, so it’s extra cute and hot, you can see her having amazing fun with the Cosplay and her sensuality comes across the screen in full force.

In a velvet red dress cloak which you can almost touch, miss Zelda slowly undresses until she’s entirely naked for us, alone in a library and surrounded by table top games and a suit of armor. Her absolutely white skin shines as much as her hair and her perfect pussy is captured in more than one shot from behind that just had me going crazy.

This sexy tattooed dungeon master can organize my D&D session any day, just take a look at her glorious hips and tits and you’ll be as enamored as I am. Zelda would be my first choice for the sexiest gaming session in the world, all I ask is for her to keep those boots on and spread her legs on the chair like she did.

EroticFandom: Hot Dungeon Master Zelda
Erotic Fandom writes:
I’m very happy to finally get to introduce Zelda to you here. I’ve enjoyed seeing the sexy costumed photos she’s been doing for quite a while, as well as various cool nerdy projects like her Geeky Freaky blog. For this intro set, we couldn’t resist a little D&D dungeon master action in what seemed like the perfect environment. Lucky for you, I just made my saving throw against some terrible puns, so without further adieu, enjoy.
~Forrest Black</p>
EroticFandom: Hot Dungeon Master Zelda</p>

EroticFandom: Hot Dungeon Master Zelda

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August 2014

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