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BurningAngel: POV Sultry Sheena Rose

Thanks to this video update by BurningAngel, I now have very unrealistic expectations of hitchhikers. Starring Sheena Rose in a point of view scene shot by Mr. Pete, we experience what it’s like to rescue a stranded redhead in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Out on the open road, Sheena Rose gets to blowing Mr. Pete and even fucked on all fours on the road. The things one does to get to Vegas, baby! We get a really tantalizing peek at her pussy tattoo and she prances around naked, which makes me wonder if there were any drivers passing by that got to catch a glimpse of this gorgeous female with a mouth full of dick.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there! After getting on Mr. Pete’s good side, they ride out to his place where they give us even more action to keep our heads busy for at least a couple of days. The way her ass jiggles is out of this world, I’m pretty sure that it defies physics. Sheena Rose is by far the only hitchhiker I would ever pickup.

BurningAngel: POV Sultry Sheena Rose
Burning Angel writes:
Mr. Pete came upon Sheena Rose in the desert trying to get to Vegas, and she’d do ANYTHING to get to the illest strip club for alt girls – The Burning Angel! Sheena knows not to talk to strangers, but she found Pete very sexy and she had some big stripper dreams! She sucked him off and her beautiful ass bounced as he railed her doggystyle right in the middle of that lonely desert street, and then headed to his condo to finish!</p>
BurningAngel: POV Sultry Sheena Rose
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August 2014

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